Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Protest Against Attacks on Education

On Wednesday 15th December the Executive at Stormont announced their draft budget. Sammy Wilson claimed it proved the Executive could "take difficult decisions" and indeed it does. It proves our politicians can implement attacks on the working class like politicians the world over.

Far from protecting working class families this budget sees asset stripping, pay freezes and cuts as the way out of a crisis of capitalism. There can be no mistake, with the real level of unemployment in the north at around 100,000, more jobs will be lost while government sets about attacking benefits and the most vulnerable. As well as riding roughshod over the workers, the Assembly now prepares to vote on whether or not to raise tuition fees to a potential staggering £9,000 per year, and implement cuts in EMA. This will make tertiary education simply inaccessible to working-class people and ensure education is once again the privilege of the few who can afford it, rather than a right for all.

The alternative to this budget is already within our grasp, students have shown the way forward. We need to take this campaign onto the streets and leave the political parties in no doubt that we, the working class, will oppose these attacks. We are facing all out class warfare and we must fight back - hard!

Organise! members have been closely working with FEE and the NISA in building a strong, united campaign against these attacks, but what is needed is united working-class action across the board.

Protest against education cuts and order the politicians to listen - meet this Saturday (29th) at 1.30pm outside the Arts College in Belfast for the demo.

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